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As a ministry, Shield Of Faith believes the most important part of your walk with the Lord is to spend time in prayer and the Word of God in order to know Him more intimately. In a day when there are many worldly distractions to draw us away from the Word of God and His ways, it is important to get involved in activities that will draw you closer to God and help you to achieve a deeper relationship with Him. We invite you to check out the many ministries available for you to get involved and to serve the Lord, enjoying fellowship within the Body of Christ.



It is the vision of the Men’s Fellowship to strengthen, encourage and build up the men of the church to be all that God has called them to be as individuals, husbands, fathers, sons, employers or employees, through the study of God’s Word, fellowship and prayer.


The purpose of Women’s Ministries is to encourage among the women at Church of the Open Door the development of a vital relationship with Jesus Christ and a growing fellowship with one another in order to be equipped for ministry.

We involve many women in the planning and implementation of activities and events to encourage the development of leadership skills and spiritual gifts.

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Our goal is to show kids the love Jesus has for them. Through interaction, creative worship and teachings, your child will begin to learn about the Bible, God’s love and His sacrifice that allows us to have a relationship with Him

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